Speaker: Rev. Bryan Plude

In the Midst of a World

As part of our worship on Sunday, we will offer our traditional flower communion. Please bring a flower to give away.

In her poem “In the Midst of a World,” Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker writes of the need for those who bear witness, who speak honestly … read more.


The field of neurotheology seeks to understand the relationship between the brain and religion. We will look at the science and the implications we might draw, knowing our brains are hardwired for myth-making and ritual. Worship Leader – Rev. Bryan Plude, Worship Associate – Merrily … read more.

Reconciliation and Reparations

Reconciling the racial divides in our country will require acknowledgement, repentance, and reparations. Systemic racism is something that is difficult for most of us to recognize, socially liberal UU’s included. How do we begin? Worship Leader – Rev. Bryan Plude, Music – Pam … read more.

Grief to Gratitude

In our personal lives and in the larger world there are often reasons to grieve. In our fellowship, I will soon no longer be your minister, a source of grief for myself and perhaps for you. Acknowledging and experiencing our grief can help us to … read more.

Why did Jesus Die?

For the last 1000 years, Christians have believed Jesus died so we could be saved from sin.  Early Christians focused, rather, on the life-giving message of Jesus; that Paradise was to be found by striving to live ethically in beauty and love. Worship … read more.

Capitalism, Idolatry, and the Golden Calf

The concept of sin is not highly regarded among many UU’s, nor among the population at large in our increasingly secular society. Unitarians rejected original sin, after all, in our split with the Calvinists. In traditional Christian preparation for Easter, one reflects on and repents … read more.

Inherent Worth, Trust, and the Good Samaritan

Daylight Savings Time – so “Spring” those clocks ahead!!

Our affirmation of the inherent worth and dignity of every person calls us to be trustworthy neighbors. In the parable of the Good Samaritan, (Luke 10:25-37), only the loathed Samaritan saw the dignity of the … read more.

How Do We Trust?

“We are born to trust,” says Rev. Kirk Loadman-Copeland, editor of the Touchstones Project. Trust is our theme for March. Yet we live in a time of extreme distrust. How do we navigate these tumultuous times? What can we do to restore trust? Worship … read more.

Wintering in Northern California

Our theme for January is wintering. For most of human existence, no matter where humans lived, there has been a season of hardship, a season to be survived. For Northern Europeans and their transplants in North America, this has been winter. The advent of modernity … read more.