Capitalism, Idolatry, and the Golden Calf

The concept of sin is not highly regarded among many UU’s, nor among the population at large in our increasingly secular society. Unitarians rejected original sin, after all, in our split with the Calvinists. In traditional Christian preparation for Easter, one reflects on and repents for sins committed. How are we to reflect on the sin of idolatry, specifically, on our idolization of capitalism? Worship Leader – Rev. Bryan Plude, Worship Associate – Megan Johnson, Music – Chris Perske, Tech – Jeff Sachs.

The service will be held in person at UUFC or on Zoom by computer or mobile device. A potluck will be held followed by a Songfest led by Margaret Aumann, Pam Sachs and Ruthie Wallace. All are invited, bring a dish to share!

UUFC Zoom recording here: