The Science and Contemplation of Beauty (In Person or on Zoom)

The brain on art, science in beauty, how this affects our exploration of the natural world, each other, and our communities. Simplicity, pattern, rhythm, symmetry, certain juxtapositions of colour, specific combinations of musical notes and physical elements arranged in certain ratios and geometries abound in nature and the arts appealing to many of us as beauty. Contemplation of beauty helps us experience our interconnection with the world, inspire our deeper exploration. Led by Kathryn Adams. Worship Associate – Angela Risdon, Music – Pam Sachs, Marvey Mueller, Megan Johnson, Shelley Bower, Laura Clayson, Thelda Eli, Betsy Taub. Tech Support – Jeff Sachs and Dave Keller. Childcare will be provided.

To watch the sermon and worship associate reflections, click HERE.


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