Speaker: Dave Keller

Honoring Our Diversity of Beliefs

Unitarian Universalists live by our seven principles, but we do not subscribe to a particular creed, or belief system. Last spring members of our fellowship responded to a survey, one question of which was “What belief system to you most adhere to?” Together we’ll look … read more.

Science Ignores Religion at its Own Peril

Have you seen those yard signs that say ‘We believe in science’? Besides not making sense, the implicit message is that science has the ‘truth’ and religions don’t. That may or may not be; regardless, scientists need to engage with religion in a way they … read more.


The arrow of time or the circle of life? We tend to experience time as an arrow, always leading us forward. But then how do we ever hit the reset button and find renewal? You may be surprised to discover that despite our linear sense … read more.


The ‘Greatest Generation’ withstood tremendous adversity, paving the way for easier times for subsequent generations. But it sure feels as if our current world is at a crossroads. We’ve been tested lately between fire, pandemic, and social upheaval. How are you resilient? How do you … read more.